Monte Aleph

Frequently Asked Questions

Is not wise who knows where the treasure is, but who works and brings it out – Francisco de Quevedo

About the website

State of the project: Although the conception of this project goes back years, it was only a few months ago that it began to germinate in the form of the web you are now seeing. During the following months it will be under construction, so you will see how it evolves until it adopts its final form.

Content publication: From October I will start publishing relevant content on the web, as well as putting at your disposal the first tool to have more control over ourselves. I have delayed a month the publication of contents by personal issues (good). Soon I will provide you with more information. Also, I will translate the whole page to English.


About the app

Upcoming updates:


  • Translate the app into Portuguese
  • Add new phrases


  • Translate the app into French
  • Adding new ambient sounds
  • Add new backgrounds
  • Add new sentences


  • Translate the app into Italian
  • Upgrade UI
  • Add new sentences


* If you have any suggestions, you can send them to me via email or chat.


About the store

Printing on demand: All the products in this store are made in a personalized way at the moment of the order, so we do not have stock.

Manufacturing and handling: All products on sale are made with quality materials, following environmentally friendly protocols and respecting both human and animal rights. The products are manufactured and handled in Europe, the United States and Mexico, and others, and have a processing time of between 3 – 7 days.

Shipping: The products are sent from different locations to all parts of the world, so they are normally sent in separate packages. This influences the cost of shipping, so we have decided to offer free shipping on orders over 30 €. As the products are off-shore, shipping can take between 7 – 10 days.

What does the order include: Each order gives the buyer the right to send me a consultation as well as ask me for a personal note.

What do the products include?: Each of the products is, in turn, a marker that allows to increase the reality.

Augmented Reality application for products: As of December, the Monte Aleph app will be available, which will allow us to access and read all the phrases contained in the app “Increase your Wisdom“, with a new design, and in several languages, using the products in the store. In addition, I will include the necessary functions so that you can project a personal video in augmented reality. More info coming soon.

Any doubt or suggestion, don’t hesitate to contact me!