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Legal Conditions

1. Identification data:

Welcome to Monte Aleph.

This website is a service offered by Vicente Martínez.

If you have any questions about these conditions of use or need more information, please contact us at

Vicente Martínez owns the domain name and the website located at the address you are visiting. Hereinafter we will call the site “Monte Aleph”. If you use the services of our website you accept these conditions. Please, read them carefully before contracting, registering as a user or participating in the services offered telematically. The use of the site by many users requires us to establish specific rules of use that are not intended to limit your interaction with the web but to ensure a satisfactory experience for all our users. Registering as a user implies that you have read and agree with everything regulated here and also commits you to comply with it to ensure order in the use of our platform. The user will be subject to the editing updated at all times by Monte Aleph.

Monte Aleph declines any responsibility by the consequences that can derive from the use of the contents and services included in the Web infringing the arranged thing in the present General Conditions of Use.

Any service provided from the Monte Aleph platform, as well as any contracts that may be entered into, will be perfected in the Spanish language.


2.1. Introduction

Vicente Martínez, as the exclusive developer of the web service you are visiting (hereinafter “Monte Aleph”) makes this Web Site available to Internet users. The access and/or use of the Monte Aleph platform is totally voluntary and attributes to whoever makes it the condition of USER. Every USER accepts, from the very moment he accesses, without any kind of reservation, the content of the present “General Conditions of Use”, the “Data Protection Policy”, the “Cookie Policy” as well as, in its case, the “Particular Conditions” which can complement, substitute or modify them in some sense in relation to the services and contents of Monte Aleph. Consequently, the USER must read carefully both before accessing and using any service of the web site or mobile application under his own responsibility.

The USER can access, print, download and save the General Conditions of Use at all times. These Conditions will be permanently accessible on the Website through the link Legal Conditions or similar names but which will be intuitive for the user (legal notice, conditions of use, legal conditions, who we are,…).

Monte Aleph reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the content of the Legal Conditions so that it recommends the user to read these Conditions each time he accesses and uses the services of Monte Aleph.

Also, Monte Aleph reserves the right to modify without prior notice, the design, presentation and / or configuration of this platform, as well as some or all services, and add new services.

In any case, Monte Aleph reserves the right to, at any time and without prior notice, deny access to this site and / or mobile applications to those users who do not comply with any of these general conditions of use or the particulars that apply to them. The denial of access may be carried out by any technical means optimal for that purpose.

2.2. Subject

The present General Conditions of Use regulate the access and use of the Monte Aleph platform and the contracting of the offered services.

The purpose of this website, as well as the rest of the sites or mobile applications managed by Monte Aleph is to facilitate access to relevant information and provide services that help us to manage this information.

In this sense, Monte Aleph makes available to Internet users interested in this activity of this web site, among others.

Monte Aleph may remove from its platform illegal content without prior notice, as well as those contents that could be considered inappropriate, or could violate the rights of third parties. You as a user can communicate through the contact your valuation as inappropriate a content or service that you see in our web. We will receive your communication and we will review the object and proceed, if possible, to its removal. Other users can do the same with their content. Please respect the rights of third parties when using the services of Monte Aleph. In the same way you can restrict the use of the offered services by a user when the intensity of demand risks the stability and continuity of the service.

The moderation function does not restrict or limit the freedom of expression on this platform, but rather facilitates the coexistence of the users and the provision of the services that are the object of the moderation.

The USER recognizes that technically it is not possible to achieve 100% availability of the web site and/or Monte Aleph’s mobile applications, nor of the pages that have been created using its tools. However, Monte Aleph will make an effort to keep the application and the web site available as constantly as possible. Especially for reasons of maintenance, security or capacity, as well as due to events over which Monte Aleph has no influence (for example, anomalies in public communication networks, power cuts, etc.) brief anomalies may occur, or the temporary suspension of the services of the platform.

2.3. Obligations of the Users in the Portal

The USER undertakes to make diligent use of the same, and of the services accessible from this platform, in full compliance with the Law, good customs and these General Conditions of Use and, where appropriate, special conditions, as well as maintaining due respect for other users. We strive to offer you the best service and act in good faith; we ask you to act in the same way on our platform.

The data provided in the interaction with the website is subject to Monte Aleph’s privacy and data protection policy.

All the information provided by the User, through the services, must be truthful and exact. To these effects, the User guarantees the authenticity of all those data that he communicates as a result of the completion of the forms necessary for the interaction of the web or the hiring of Services.

Similarly, it will be the responsibility of the User to keep all information provided to Monte Aleph permanently updated, so that it responds, at all times, to the real situation of the User. In any case, the User shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made, and the damages caused to Monte Aleph or third parties, for the information provided.

The User is obliged to respect the applicable laws and the rights of third parties, when using the contents and services of the platform. Also, it is prohibited the reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaptation or modification, by any means and in any form, of the contents of the Web site (texts, designs, graphs, information, data bases, archives of sound and/or image, logos, etc.), and other elements of this Web site and mobile applications, unless previous authorization of its legitimate holders, or when therefore it is allowed by the law.

In particular, the user is prohibited from: using libelous or slanderous content, regardless of whether such content affects other users, or other persons or companies; using pornographic content, or content that violates the laws protecting minors, or advertising, offering or distributing pornographic products, or violating the laws protecting minors; disturbing other users (especially through spam); using legally protected content (p. (e.g. by intellectual property laws, trademarks, patents, utility models, or aesthetic models) without being entitled to do so, or to advertise, offer or distribute legally protected goods or services, as well as to perform or promote anti-competitive actions, including those aimed at progressive customer acquisition (such as chain, snowball or pyramid systems).

The user is prohibited from the following actions:

  • Use mechanisms, software or scripts, in connection with the use of the Web Site or mobile applications or the sites of other Monte Aleph users.
  • Block, overwrite, modify or copy, unless it is necessary for the correct use of the services of the websites. For example, copying using “Robot/Crawler” type browser technologies is not necessary for the correct use of the Website services and is therefore expressly prohibited.
  • Any action liable to impair the functionality of Monte Aleph’s infrastructure, especially to overload it, in particular uploading, publishing, e-mailing, transmitting or making available material containing computer viruses or any other computer code, file or program designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.
  • Spamming is not allowed from Monte Aleph tools. We understand spam to send unsolicited bulk email to promote the website or content, or to engage in unethical marketing or advertising practices or any other practices connected with unsolicited bulk email, to send content or emails that do not comply with the Unsolicited Bulk Email Act (CAN- SPAM) of 2003
  • To use any of the materials and information contained in this platform for illegal purposes and expressly prohibited in these General Conditions of Use, as well as the particular conditions that, where appropriate, are enabled, which are contrary to the rights and interests of Monte Aleph, its members and / or third parties, and must respond to them in case of contravention or breach of such obligations and / or that, in any way (including the introduction or dissemination of “computer viruses”), damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the materials and information contained the platform, information systems or documents, files and all kinds of content stored on any computer equipment (hacking) of Monte Aleph, its members or any user.

The user is aware of, and voluntarily accepts, that the use of the service takes place, in any case, under his sole and exclusive responsibility. The user exempts Monte Aleph from responsibility and will indemnify it from all damages and/or claims that it may be subject to.

The User will be responsible for any damages of any nature that Monte Aleph, or any third party, may suffer as a result of the breach of any of the obligations to which they are subject by virtue of these “General Conditions of Use”, or the law, in relation to the Use of the Service.

2.4. Disclaimer of warranties and liability

Except in those cases expressly described in the General Conditions of Use and the rest of the regulatory framework of the platform, Monte Aleph is not responsible for damages of any kind that may be due to lack of accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and errors or omissions that could suffer the information and services contained on this platform, or other content that can be accessed through it, nor assumes any duty or commitment to verify or monitor their content and information.

Also, Monte Aleph does not guarantee the availability, continuity nor the infallibility of the operation of the Web, and, consequently, it excludes, to the maximum extent allowed by the effective legislation, any responsibility by the damages and damages of all nature, that can be due to the lack of availability or continuity of the operation of the Web site of the services qualified in the same one, as well as to the errors in the access to the different contents, or those from which, in their case, these services are lent.

Monte Aleph does not assume any responsibility by the contents, data and/or information contributed by the users of the Web site and/or mobile applications, nor by the contents of external Web sites to which links exist. In particular Monte Aleph does not guarantee that these contents are true, fulfill a certain purpose, or can serve that purpose.

Also, Monte Aleph will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by the users through the portal and/or mobile applications, the Ads, communities, or other participation or opinion tools.

2.5. Links to third party sites

Monte Aleph includes, within its contents, links to sites owned and/or managed by third parties, in order to facilitate access to information available through the Internet.

Monte Aleph does not assume any responsibility derived from the existence of links between the contents of this site and contents located outside the same one, or of any other mention of external contents to this site. Such links or mentions have an exclusively informative purpose and, in no case, they imply the support, approval, commercialization or any relation between Monte Aleph and the people or organizations author and/or managers of such contents, or holders of the sites where they are.

In the event that the Monte Aleph platform has links or hyperlinks to other Internet sites, Monte Aleph will not exercise any control over such sites and content. In no case Monte Aleph will assume any responsibility by the contents of some connection pertaining to an other people’s Web site, nor will guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, exactitude, amplitude, veracity, validity and constitutionality of any material or information contained in none of these hyperlinks or other sites of Internet.

2.6. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

The present General Conditions of Use and the rest of the legal conditions of the website will be governed by the Spanish legislation.

For any questions that may arise, or actions taken, derived from the provision of services and contents of Monte Aleph and on the interpretation, application, compliance or non-compliance of what is established here, Monte Aleph and the USER, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Valencia City. In the event that the user is a consumer and in accordance with national law there is a regulation of the legal jurisdiction that excludes the possibility of express submission, the legal provision will be taken into account.


Through the specifically designated section of the website, the user will be able to contract professional services. At each moment the products offered, the price of each one and the actions included in the service will be described. The service will be carried out by a registered lawyer. The lawyer who actually performs the contracted service will be responsible for fulfilling the obligations of the activity as a lawyer.

All or some of the products or services offered through the web Monte Aleph are digital products, immediately available to the consumer. At the same time of payment, the consumer can enjoy the product purchased.

3.1. Contract

When you place your order we will understand that you have accepted these conditions, understanding their content and adjusting your expectations to what is regulated here. When any service is offered with special or different conditions, these will be clearly indicated in the product file. The special rule for the description of a product or service is always preferred to the general rule established in these conditions.

The order will be placed by paying the indicated price. Payment will be made on a secure platform that you will choose at the time of purchase from those available. Once the payment has been made, you will be sent the requested digital product or the instructions for using the contracted service by e-mail. Please, before concluding your purchase, verify that the information that appears in your registration is correct and corresponds to the product you want to buy. If there is any error, please select the product again.

You accept to receive invoices of your purchases electronically.

3.2. Conditions for the acquisition of paid services.

The use of the offered services (download, visualization or any other) must be conditioned by the previous acceptance of the General Conditions of Use of the Payment Services that are included in the Legal Conditions of Monte Aleph.

The present General Conditions of Use of the Payment Services (from now on, “the Conditions of Use of Payment Services”) regulate the provision of the payment services by Monte Aleph as well as the conditions of acceptance and use of the services offered after payment of an amount published on the web with the indirect taxes included.

All users of the Monte Aleph platform who wish to use the services offered as payment must contract the same by paying the price indicated at all times.

Monte Aleph is not responsible directly or indirectly for the damages or impairments that the user may suffer during the use of the materials that make up the payment services.

The user authorizes Monte Aleph directly or through third parties to carry out the investigations that they consider necessary to validate their account and the financial information that they provided when registering for said services.

3.3. Right of Withdrawal

All the services that allow the return will be subject to a trial period of at least 14 days in which the user will be able to cancel the contract without any cost or surcharge. The withdrawal will not be subject to any cost.

In the event that the user has taken advantage of the service acquired, or in the case of goods of a digital nature, it will be impossible to return the goods. In this case, the value to be compensated in accordance with the provisions of Article 75 of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users is the subscriber, and the material is therefore at the disposal of the user.

3.4. Prices and availability

All prices include the legally applicable taxes (VAT). At all times we try to keep the price information advertised as accurate as possible. In case that by punctual and involuntary error, the indicated price did not correspond with the real one, and fundamentally in those cases in which the offered price is inferior to the one of acquisition, we reserved the right to terminate those contracts before proceeding to its processing.

3.5. Product Information

Unless expressly stated otherwise, Monte Aleph is the author of the goods offered or the provider of the services. Although we make an effort so that the information that appears in our Web site is correct, sometimes the description of our services can contain additional or different information from the one that appears in our Web site.

3.6. Our responsibility

Monte Aleph will not be responsible for:

  • any losses not attributable to any default on your part,
  • business losses (including lost profits, revenue, contracts, anticipated savings, data, loss of goodwill or unnecessary expenses incurred),
  • any indirect or consequential losses that were not reasonably foreseeable by both parties at the time the contract of sale of the products was formalized between both parties.

Monte Aleph shall not be liable for any delay in delivery or failure to comply with its obligations under these conditions if such delay or failure is attributable to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

Monte Aleph sells its products to consumers in accordance with the provisions of Directive 1999/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.

3.7. Applicable Law

These conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Spanish conditions. In case of doubt, they will be interpreted according to the correct, usual meaning of the written words, without distorting them with arbitrary interpretations.

3.8. Modification of the conditions of sale

Monte Aleph reserves the right to make changes in the products we offer, in their price and in their conditions of sale. The conditions of acquisition will be those published at the moment of formalizing the purchase. By the fact of acquiring any of the products offered in the store space, the user will be subject to the terms and conditions, policies and Conditions of Sale in effect at the time of placing the order. If any of these conditions is declared invalid, void or for any reason ineffective, that condition shall be excluded without such declaration may affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining conditions.


We know that the protection of personal information is important to our users, and it is also important to us, so we recommend that before using our website and accept the treatment of your data, read carefully our privacy policy to understand how we will treat your personal information.

Once you have communicated your data to Monte Aleph, you will have accepted our privacy policy and, consequently, the treatment of your data (hereinafter “personal data” or “personal information”) that appears here described for its storage, use and communication to third parties.

If you do not agree with our policy in whole or in part, do not communicate personal data to Monte Aleph.

Monte Aleph, reserves the right to modify the privacy policy without prior notice, so you should review our policy periodically. If at any time, as a consequence of the modifications made, you do not agree with our policy, you can exercise your right to cancel it.

4.1. Ownership of the file and purpose of use of the data

When you communicate your data to Monte Aleph we collect personal information such as: your name and surname, email, ID, phone, ip, etc. All this will configure your profile in our database.

In addition, we can keep the information related to the activity you generate as a result of your interaction within Monte Aleph. The data you provide to access any service will also be processed. Likewise, this information may be used to offer you information related to our services or may be used by the companies of our group.

The required data is necessary to identify you and to attend to your information needs.

In addition, we will be able to contact you by any available electronic means (from the communication systems of the web itself, email, telephone) to send you internal notifications, inform you about updates regarding the use of Monte Aleph or to send you information with offers, services and promotions about our services.

To oppose the sending of commercial or promotional information from Monte Aleph you should contact us at

Your data can be treated with the purposes described by Monte Aleph. As a user you will be able to exercise your rights of access (to know what data we treat and what we do with it) of rectification (to modify the data that is incorrect or inexact) of opposition (to oppose the concrete treatment of your data for an activity) or of cancellation (to be able to completely cancel your data as a user). To do this, you must contact us at, expressly indicate your request and attach a document that identifies you (ID card or passport) in order to attend to your request.

It is important that you know the consequences of the cancellation of your data, so we inform you that, if you request the cancellation of the data, the information we had about you in the Monte Aleph website will be lost.

Monte Aleph is aware of the concern of the user for security, so it has chosen to implement the strictest levels of security that allow the proper functioning of the application, its functionality and its services while preserving the integrity of data and information stored. The services are provided by third parties who have the necessary security measures to ensure the impossibility of unauthorized access according to the current ordinary technique and technology. In Monte Aleph we want the service that our clients receive to offer a satisfactory and safe user experience, for which we only choose suppliers with a renowned trajectory and technical solvency that allow the fulfillment of the current legal security regulations, to avoid its loss, misuse or access by unauthorized persons.

4.2. Registration and Profile

To receive personalized information from Monte Aleph, you must use a contact form. The data that can be part of the form are: your name and surname, email and ip. You can enter these data directly in the “contact” section manually.

Monte Aleph will inform you, when using the form of this policy and invite you to read it.

The data that are essential to create a valid record are marked as mandatory data or other similar indicative. The rest of the information will be complementary and you will be the one who decides what information you want to share.

The data you enter in the form must be real, true, accurate and updated. This obligation is essential for the proper functioning of the platform and your interaction with the services provided. If you do not want to incorporate your real data, please do not use our services. Monte Aleph may carry out the appropriate actions to verify the identity of the user in order to avoid this type of practices that harm the proper functioning of the platform and may affect the rights of third parties. Monte Aleph reserves the right of admission to the platform, being able to block and, cancel the user, in case of detecting false data. In any case, Monte Aleph cannot monitor or check the reality and accuracy of all the profiles created. In the event that your identity has been impersonated in Monte Aleph or someone uses your data, you can communicate this to us in this email, indicating the offending user and identifying yourself accordingly.

4.3. Age to be a MONTE ALEPH user

To be a Monte Aleph user you don’t need to be OF LEGAL AGE.

Monte Aleph, being domiciled in Spain, is subject to the application of Spanish legislation. The data protection regulations in force in Spain are among the most restrictive and allow the processing of data from the age of 14. If you belong to a country whose legislation does not allow us to treat your personal data, you must have previously obtained the authorizations or parental consent or guardianship that are required by your national legislation. Otherwise you must not install or use Monte Aleph.

4.4. Information provided to MONTE ALEPH

Remember that you decide what personal information you want to share with Monte Aleph. Contacting us implies that you are interested in our activity and products and therefore we keep and treat your data.

Do not use our form or contact methods to spam or harass.

The illegitimate use or intentional incorporation of false data or third parties with the purpose of harming Monte Aleph as responsible for the file will be prosecuted by our legal service in accordance with applicable law.

4.5. Removing and reporting published content

As a user you will always have control over the information you publish, so you can remove a particular publication you have made.

If you consider that a user has published information that violates your rights or that is contrary to Monte Aleph’s policy, you can denounce it through the mail Monte Aleph reserves the right to suspend or eliminate any information which affects the rights of any user or third party.

Cancellation of registered data If you are no longer interested in Monte Aleph?s products and services, you can cancel your data at any time. To cancel your data you must identify yourself with your ID in Monte Aleph and clearly indicate your exercise of the right of cancellation.


Our website uses cookies to facilitate the interaction of its users and to be able to produce statistics on the visits it receives. In compliance with Directive 2009/136/EC, developed in our order by the second paragraph of Article 22 of the Law on Information Society Services, following the guidelines of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, we proceed to inform you in detail of the use made of our website.

Monte Aleph uses cookies to improve and optimize the user experience. In this section we inform you about what are the “Cookies”, which typology uses this web site, how you can deactivate them in your browser and how to block their installation.

Cookies are small amounts of information that are stored in the browser used by each user so that the server remembers that user later when they return to the website. This information does not reveal your identity or any personal data, but it does allow you to be identified as a specific user who has visited the website before, viewed certain pages, etc. and allows your personal preferences to be saved, as well as technical information such as visits or specific pages you visit.

If you do not want cookies to be stored in your browser or if you want to receive information every time a cookie requests to be installed, you can configure your browser to do so. Most browsers allow the management of cookies in 3 different ways:

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The browser may also include the ability to better specify which cookies should be accepted and which should not. Specifically, the user can normally accept one of the following options:

  • reject those of certain domains;
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You can find information on how to configure the most used browsers at

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From Monte Aleph we cannot be responsible for the content and veracity of the privacy policies of third parties included in this policy of cookies. In case of doubt, please contact the webmaster of the domain that created the cookie.

If you wish to consult the complete conditions of use of our Web in the link of located at the foot of all the pages.

What type of cookies does Monte Aleph use?

Monte Aleph uses Cookies strictly necessary for the provision of services requested by the user in order to offer the correct reception of all the information presented and Cookies of analytical character, for the study of the navigation of the set of users by our different pages Web and services, as well as for the adjustment of the information according to structures of navigation and usability.

By visiting and remaining in any of Monte Aleph?s websites you will be consenting to the use of Cookies under the conditions contained in this Policy. Monte Aleph allows the access to this Policy of Cookies at the moment of the visit to the Web, in especially outstanding site and at any moment of the navigation by means of the link incorporated to the foot, with the objective that the user is informed and without damage that this one can exercise its right to block, to eliminate and to reject the use of Cookies.

The user has the option at all times to choose which cookies to keep active or not, by accessing the cookie configuration in their own browser. Most browsers allow to warn about the presence of Cookies or to reject them automatically.

If you reject the use of cookies you can still use Monte Aleph, although the use of some of its services may be limited and therefore your experience may be less satisfactory.

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Monte Aleph, by itself or as assignee, is the holder of all the rights of intellectual and industrial property of its web page and/or mobile applications, as well as of the elements contained in the same one (to title enunciativo, images, sound, audio, video, software or texts; marks or logos, etc.), ownership of Monte Aleph or its licenciantes. All rights reserved. By virtue of the dispositions of articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the Spanish Law of Intellectual Property and its correlatives of the Berne Convention, the reproduction, distribution and public communication, including its modality of making available, of the totality or part of the contents of this web page, with commercial aims, in any support and by any technical means, without the authorization of Monte Aleph, is expressly prohibited. The USER commits to respect the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights owned by Monte Aleph.

He will be able to visualize the elements of the Portal and even print them, copy them and store them in the hard disk of his computer or in any other physical support as long as it is, only and exclusively, for his personal and private use. The USER must abstain from deleting, altering, eluding or manipulating any protection device or security system that was installed in the Monte Aleph platform.

Monte Aleph is the exclusive owner of the content of the web site, excluding the personal data provided by the USER.


Monte Aleph is not responsible for damages of any nature that could cause, but not limited to errors or omissions in the contents, lack of availability of the Portal or the transmission of viruses or malicious or harmful programs in the contents, despite having taken all technological measures to prevent it.

Likewise, it is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the contracting party to ensure the security of the communications received. At all times, and after contracting our services, the communications that the contracting party receives will be from the sole sender of the email <>, and it must be ensured that the sender is, in fact, <> and not another. This can easily be verified by checking that the communication received is not accompanied by any warning or indications such as the following: “The actual sender of this message is different from the normal sender


Monte Aleph, reserves the right to carry out without previous warning the modifications that consider opportune in their Portal and/or mobile applications, being able to change, to suppress or to add so much the contents and services that are lent through such as the form in which these appear presented/displayed or located in their Portal and/or mobile applications.

In the same way, Monte Aleph will be able to modify at any time the conditions determined here, being properly published as they appear here. The validity of the mentioned conditions will depend on their exposure and will be in force until they are modified by others duly published.


Monte Aleph, commits itself through this means to not carry out misleading advertising. To these effects, therefore, the formal or numerical errors that can be found throughout the content of the different sections of the web site and/or mobile applications, produced as a consequence of an incomplete or defective maintenance and/or update of the information contained in these sections, will not be considered as deceptive publicity. Monte Aleph as a result of the provisions of this paragraph, undertakes to correct it as soon as it becomes aware of such errors.


Monte Aleph reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the platform and / or services offered without notice, at their own request or that of a third party, to those users who do not comply with these Terms of Use.


Monte Aleph will persecute the breach of the present conditions, as well as any illegal use of its Web site exercising all the civil and penal actions that can correspond to him in right.

The relationship between Monte Aleph and the USER will be governed by current Spanish legislation and any dispute will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of Valencia. In the event that the user is a consumer and in accordance with national law there is a regulation of the legal jurisdiction which excludes the possibility of express submission, the legal provision will be taken into account.

In case of doubt about the interpretation or scope of these conditions, it will always be referring to the text written in Spanish.