Monte Aleph

Increase your Wisdom

The forces that are associated for good do not add up, they multiply – Concepción Arenal

Thank you for increasing your wisdom

This is a message for all users of the “Increase your Wisdom application. I want to show my sincere gratitude and admiration to all of you for taking the time to increase your wisdom by contemplating and putting into practice such valuable advice. In a little more than a year, we are already more than 100,000 users, which makes me very happy.

I also wanted to inform you all that from now on I will start adding new languages to the app. In addition, I will be adding more phrases, advice and reflections to this website, as well as content that I’m sure you will like. Without further ado, I refer you to the home page so you can see what’s coming up.

I would also like to explain to you that the minimum publicity that the app contains has sustained and still continues to sustain the licenses and servers that I use for it. Furthermore, it contributes to give me the necessary stability to be able to fully involve myself in this project, which is still under construction.

I take this opportunity to tell you that I have created an account in instagram in which I upload new phrases daily (currently in Spanish, I will gradually translate the current content and add new in English): Monte Aleph

Thank you for your time and I hope we meet again soon!