Monte Aleph

Monte Aleph

If there is little within him, it is impossible for his influence to be great; if there is much within him, it is impossible for his influence to be little; and if there is nothing within him, then it is not possible for him to influence anything – Abraham Abulafia

The result of years of reading, study and practice, and after having spent just over a year since the creation of the app “Increase your Wisdom“, it is time to take a further step. Since now 3 years ago, I come with an idea in mind; a space that is able to help myself, and by extension, to anyone who wants it, to deepen the knowledge of the human being and the world around him.

With no other purpose and intention than to know ourselves, and therefore, become more powerful, during the next months I will be working on the creation of this website, which I will make available to you:


  • Tools to have truth about ourselves and thus have more control over our lives
  • Techniques and knowledge to have higher levels of energy and control over our body
  • Compendiums on philosophy, psychology, spirituality, emotional intelligence, etc., from the most renowned experts
  • Advice and reflections of the most illustrious characters who, before us, have reached such an excellent knowledge, that they have lasted until our days
  • And much more


I assume that it is understood that everything I will expound here is based on my own personal experience and that it is only intended as a guide for those who, like me, love and seek the truth. If you have any questions or suggestions, or want to comment on something, you can write to me at



Since a few months ago this project is in standby since I have dedicated myself to improve the app Aumenta tu Sabiduría, as well as to develop in Virtual Reality an idea called VixionaR Language, of which I am part as a founding partner.

In the next months I will be dedicated body and soul to the development in Virtual Reality, since I firmly believe that I can contribute more to humanity from this field, so I apologize in advance to all those people who were waiting for the fruition of this project.

However, this is just a postponement, since the Monte Aleph project will continue to be nourished and grow until the end of my days.

This message is provisional and I will think of a way to better communicate the projects I am doing, such as taking the Increase Your Wisdom app to a new level, yes, indeed, to the level of Virtual Reality, even for those people who do not have VR glasses.

Thanks for your support and understanding. You already know that any doubt or suggestion can be sent to me via email.